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General Information

What the Port Loring Vacationland area has to offer

Nestled in amongst the many Northern Ontario lakes and rivers in the heart of Ontario’s Near North is Northern Lights Resort. Fisherman and Families alike flock to Ontario’s Near North communities as it is quickly becoming a favorite travel destination. We are located just south of Lake Nipissing and the French River area, and just north of the Muskoka area.  This makes our resort just a short 3.5 hours drive from the greater Toronto area.  We are located on Little Long Lake which connects into Toad Lake , Wilson Lake , Duck Lake , Dollars Lake , the Pickerel River and the Wolf River with over 40 miles of waterway to fish and explore.

Unlike the busy Lake Nipissing our sheltered Northern Ontario lakes are perfect for catching a tasty shore lunch in any kind of weather.  Since our lakes are smaller and more sheltered you do not get the rough weather as you would on Lake Nipissing.  Spring Fishing Trips will ensure a nice catch of Walleye (Pickerel).  If you are looking for the trophy Northern Pike to fight with you’ve come to the right place. Record Pike have been here was one weighing over 23 lbs and measuring 42 inches. If you are a Bass fisherman you will be delighted to catch your fill of Small Mouth Bass and Large Mouth Bass. You will be happy to know that you can catch Bass right off our dock.

Are you the more adventurous type? Many of the remote back lakes in the area offer some seclusion and are well stocked with Walleye, Pickerel, Bass, and Perch.  A short hike into these lakes is well worth the effort. You can even enjoy camping on one of these tranquil lake campsites. Northern Lights Resort has two back lake boats for your use. One is on Etta Lake and one on Lake Arthur. If you like you can take a canoe into these areas or you can go to other remote lakes such as Rainy Lake or Balsam Lake to name a few.  If you want to fly into a remote lake there is also float plane services in the area as well that can take you to alternate fishing locations. We can customize a fishing package just for you. But rest assured if you want to take it easy there are plenty of fish to catch right off our dock at the Resort.

At Northern Lights Fishing Resort we make sure all of our mercury boats and motors are in top working condition. Ensuring you have a worry free vacation. All you have to worry about is where you are going to fish next and what kind of bait and tackle you are going to use.

Northern Lights Family Resort is also a great place for a summer Family Fishing vacation. Our sandy beach for swimming is a great place for your family to bond and enjoy a relaxing vacation. Escape the everyday life and enjoy a beautiful Family Vacation in the heart of Ontario’s Near North. Family activities include swimming, fishing, hiking, cycling, bird watching and wild life viewing. There is no need to worry if you have a rainy day as our recreation hall has a pool table, satellite TV with a selection of movies to watch. You can also enjoy a game, puzzle or a good book from our library. You can even enjoy an antique game of Ms. Pac man and show the kids how it’s done!  

Loring and Port Loring is only 5km’s from Northern Lights Resort. There are many things to do such as the local Farmer’s Market every Wednesday featuring fresh local produce and local artists. There are many gift shops and local artisans in the area displaying their crafts. The Old Craftsman Pine furniture and  the Northern Crafter’s Collective have many unique gift ideas with their beautiful hand crafted work.

Wildlife and Habitat

Did you know that Canada has more lakes and rivers than any other country in the world? Specifically Northern Ontario is a vast expense of waterways, wetlands and dense forest. The area around Northern Lights Resort is home to a variety of wildlife.  Including Moose, Deer, Black Bear, Beaver, Roughed Grouse, Pilated Woodpeckers, Loons, Blue Heron, Snowy Owl, Grey Owl and Bald Eagle just to name a few.

Northern Ontario is a photographer’s paradise. Bird watchers and artists will enjoy the pristine beauty of this Northern Ontario landscape. In the fall the Fall Colours Tour offers many vacationers the opportunity to experience the awesome beauty of the hardwood trees as they display their full colour. Brilliant reds, yellows, oranges and greens dot the hills and shoreline along the Pickerel River System.  A float plane tour offers the experience of a lifetime to see the vast amount of Northern Lakes and the beautiful shorelines bursting with bright colours.  It is the perfect way to enjoy a quite Romantic Weekend Getaway in the countryside. Enjoy the fall colours with a picnic along the tranquil shores. Paddle in the calm waters, listening to the soulful sound of the Loons.  Let us help you arrange a romantic weekend get away.  Just let us know what you need, flowers, champagne, we will customize a package for you. 

Wilderness Trips

If you need an escape and would like to relieve some stress there is no better way to do this than to paddle the stress away. If you’d like to become more fit, feel strong and free your spirit than pick up a paddle and canoe your stress away. Rowing and paddling is as good for your mind as it is for your muscles and waistline. The natural rhythm of each stroke gives you a sense of peacefulness and an escape from the pressures of everyday life. You explore small creeks and islands, as you paddle past natural shorelines. You enjoy the wildlife all around you in this unspoiled natural environment. You begin to feel more alive and more a part of your surroundings. Why not book your Northern Ontario Wilderness Experience today? What are you waiting for?

Northern Lights Resort offers 1, 2 or 3 day Canoe Trips in the calm waters of the Pickerel River and Wolf River Routes.  Plan your Fishing Vacation or Family Vacation around one of our Canoe Trip Routes. Perfect for the modest canoeist the beautiful shorelines of the Pickerel River Route is sure to please.

There are over 30 different camping areas suitable for 1-2 tents. You have an option of one or two portages. The Canoe Trip can easily be done in 3 days but you may wish a more leisurely pace and take 5 days. Let us know your needs and we accommodate you on your perfect Northern Ontario Vacation.

A Wee bit of History

The communities of ARGYLE, Arstein, Restoule, Golden Valley , Loring and Port Loring were established back in 1868. Settlers from Europe took advantage of the Free Land Grant.  Most residents of the area today are descendents of the original settlers. Logging and Farming became the mainstay of the area. Although not much success was found in farming because of the rocky terrain, logging is still done in the area today.  The shores of the Pickerel River were once dotted with Mills. The Steamer Kawigamog traveled the route from the Lost Channel to the Port of Loring in the 1920’s and carried supplies and lumber. Hwy #522 was built to connect all of the communities in the area. With the newest section from the Ess Narrows bridge to Hwy #69 being built as late as 1979.  Today tourism is a main part of our community with all the lakes and acres of woodlands. Many opportunities exist for ecotourism, fishing and hunting. The local museum in Commanda Lake has many interesting items and information and also a tea room open during the summer months. 

Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis

What are the Northern Lights you might ask? They are also known as Aurora Borelis. In simple terms they are caused by solar particles from the sun colliding with the gases in the earth’s atmosphere. Solar flares on the sun’s surface send out huge quantities of solar particles into space hurling toward earth. When they enter the earth’s magnetic field they are guided towards the north and south poles. The earth’s atmosphere protects us from the deadly solar particles.  When the collision with the earth’s atmosphere occurs it creates photons or light particles. This causes the phenomenon known as the Aurora Borealis. They appear as colourful lights that move across the sky. The best way to describe how they look is ‘flickering curtains of light that dance across the sky’.

This natural phenomenon is most likely to occur and be seen in the ‘Aurora zone’ which in is in the middle and northern parts of Canada. It can also be seen in Alaska and northern parts of Greenland .

The best time to see the Northern Lights is on a clear winter night from about 10pm to midnight, although they also can be seen in early fall and early spring. It is all dependent upon the solar activity on the sun and usually runs in 27 day intervals when the active sun spots are facing the earth.  

Northern Lights New Logo, the Inukshuk

On our new brochure you will notice the symbol of the Inukshuk. Why you might ask use that? What does it mean? The Inukshuk pronounced IN-OOK-SHOOK has many meanings for us. The traditional meaning of the Inukshuk was to act as a guide or a compass for travelers. It helped guide people seeking their way through the wilderness safely. If an Inukshuk could speak it would say ‘Here is the road, it is safe to travel’. It also serves as a symbol of the human spirit. It represents the importance of community, team work, and balance. Originating from the Artic these massive structures were built to endure as symbols of leadership, courage and strength. They symbolize the importance of friendship and our dependence on one another. Each piece of the Inukshuk forms an integral part of it. Each supports the other and brings balance to the structure as a whole. They are part of a team. The Inukshuk serves as a reminder for us that we should all work together for the good of the earth. It is an enduring symbol that invites us to communicate with one another on a higher level from our hearts and spirits about what is truly important and what matters in our life.

The symbolism of this is important for us as we work together to build this dream of ours. One of us could not do it without the other. It stands as a symbol for us and our beliefs and what we have learnt along the way and what is important in our lives.

If you have read this far into the depths of our website you deserve a medal!