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Whats a paddle?

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To start your canoe trip with Northern Lights, you’ll need to be able to paddle a canoe. Flat water canoeing is one of the easiest situations available to learn the proper paddling techniques. Our canoe trip is all flat water canoeing.  There is no white water on this trip

MAPING: We provide you with a map and discuss the best routes. Knowing the type of trip you desire is very helpful. We do offer one, two and three day trips. We will leave you, well equipped, at one of our drop off spots and wave a big “hello” when we see you paddling back to our main dock, at the end of your 1, 2, or 3 day canoe trip. We will commonly request from you; number of people & days, canoeing experience, amount of travel & layover days preferred, and any interest in fishing, scenery and wildlife. Then we can offer suggestions based on that information. Large-scale maps, marked out with the best campsite, fishing spots and points of interest will be gone over before you head out on your wilderness adventure. We suggest that you take several copies of the map with you.

We run the trips from Mid May to Mid October, weather permitting. You can enjoy canoeing along the 40 miles; available on the WOLF and PICKERAL Rivers. Bask in scenic and picturesque waterways waiting for you to explore. You can camp along the way on mostly Crown Land in this unspoiled pristine wilderness. Come away refreshed, skilled and rejuvenated.