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What if we bring the kids?

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With younger children, consider traveling no more than a few hours per day. Or, use Northern Lights Resort as a base camp which allows you to take day trips into different areas without having to set up and take down a new camp each day. We do offer one, two and three day trips. Maybe a short overnighter may be a good test.

We provide you with all sizes of life jackets approved by the CANADIAN COAST GUARD and a safety kit consisting of a bailing bucket, flash light, sounding device and a floating throwing line. All approved by the coast guard as well. Our 15’ COLEMAN unsinkable canoes are very durable and bright red. Good for emergency sightings. We supply the paddles and have seat/knee cushions available upon request. Maps are plentiful and we suggest several to be taken in case one gets wet.

Your family vehicle is locked and secured on our PRIVATE property, where it awaits your safe return. We do have camping sites set aside for our canoeists. These can be available for either your arrival OR your return from your canoe trip, OR both if you wish!

When you and your family are out exploring the streams and portage trails you travel over, watch for our abundant wild life. Aquatic Critters easily spotted along the way include, Crayfish, minnows and a variety of frogs. Ruffed grouse, pine squirrels and chipmunks frequent the portage trails and your camp site. Imagine the excitement as your little ones feed a “chippy” right from their own hands.

DO, bring along some field guides to use as references to the new wonders you and the little ones will discover. Especially, if you are not familiar with the many common plants, wildlife and birds yourself.

A child’s enthusiasm is easily swelled by allowing them to carry their very own pack filled with clothing, personal items and their very own sleeping bag. A separate smaller pack can hold your field guides, maps, traveling games and books during the trip. Some of these can come in very handy during a rainy day or in the evening before bed. Do try to get them to leave the “game boy games” at home though!

A fun suggestion is at the nightly campfire; acquire their help in marking the route traveled that day onto your master map. Get them to sketch onto it the exciting places you explored and the new things they learned. Maybe even the lucky WILDLIFE sightings. These special times make for the magical moments to last for a life time of memories. The map will definitely hold a special wall hanging spot when returned home!

One item of note; we at Northern Lights do not allow you to bring onto our property ROVER, SPOT or KING. We do have a remarkable healthy population of chipmunks and we encourage guests to hand feed them. So we might get some grumbles from them seeing them harassed, killed or even eaten. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.